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Yoga as Medicine I (Module 8) – Fall 2018 NEW DATE

October 20, 2018 - October 26, 2018

Module 8 is the first of three on-site modules that make up the practical, applied lab portion of the PYTI® certification program. This course puts the lectures of Modules 1-7 into motion with the application of the concepts learned in those prerequisite distance modules.

Event Rescheduled due to Hurricane Florence


Topics covered include

♦ Biopsychosocial (BPS) model of assessment and application

♦ Interdisciplinary 10 Precept application and case study analysis

♦ Yoga posture, breath, and meditation prescription using Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) methods (including mudras)


Module 8 is the first of three on-site intensives which allow the students to assimilate and apply all objectives learned from Modules 1-7. Module 8 allows students to critically evaluate and practice the following objectives, learned in an interactive post-graduate lab format with their peers.

Clinical Objectives

1.  Apply the 10 MTY precepts to your clinical demographic and practice in order to increase clinical efficacy and safety of yoga prescription in healthcare and wellness care.

2.  Discuss the interrelationship of psychotherapy and rehabilitation in the clinical practice of MTY.

3.  List public health and clinical practice implications of MTY.

4.  Identify quantitative and qualitative characteristics of outcome measures used in Professional Yoga Therapy (PYT).

5.  Demonstrate understanding of the FMA algorithm in the context of evaluation, diagnosis, and prescription in clinical practice.

6.  Demonstrate multidisciplinary knowledge of indications and contraindications for practicing PYT Level I and II postures as prescriptive movement and/or manual therapy in medicine and rehabilitation.

7.  Critically analyze physical yoga movement and respiratory therapies and their modifications in a lab setting.

8.  Complete case studies via real time assessment with your peers using live models and/or case presentations.

9. Integrate cardiorespiratory principles into rehab practice in a lab setting.

10. Prescribe MTY sequences for individual and group-based therapy wellness and pathophysiological-based therapies.

11. Demonstrate knowledge of the guidelines to practice, teaching, manual cuing, and instruction in yoga postures, hand postures, breathing techniques, and meditation.

12. Integrate the scientific theories introduced in Modules 1-7 into practical clinical yoga prescription and practice.

13. Describe the code of ethics for becoming a Professional Yoga Therapist.

14. Practice the tenets of stabilization in the context of “pre-postures” and yoga postures as therapeutic exercise and intervention in an interactive lab setting.

15. Practice evidence-based yoga to address multi-joint and systemic stabilization in an interactive lab setting.

16. Verbalize the tenets of safe neural mobilization within professional yoga therapy (skilled, licensed care) practice.

17. Identify how myofascial and neurovascular restriction can be addressed through medical therapeutic yoga.

18. Utilizing current science, apply the 7 requisites for stabilization to standing postures aligned in the MTY method.

19. Demonstrate 4 blanket-folding techniques for postural modification.

20. Experience daily meditation and postural practice sequences.

21. Synthesize yoga philosophy into current evidence-based clinical practice in order to construct plans of care for persons with complex medical histories.

22. Complete business matrix analysis, including understanding legal documentation requirements for implementing business models for private or public integrated organizational medical practice.

23. Understand coding and billing impact practices for licensed health care professionals who become Professional Yoga Therapists.

24. Safely sequence and prescribe therapeutic yoga in realtime clinical environment(s) with your peers, using appropriate east/west medical terminology, and evidence based MTY methods.

25. Safely prescribe and prescribe therapeutic yoga in an oral practical setting with your peers.

26. Complete and pass a Mid-Term Examination to demonstrate educational competency and proficiency of the skills learned at Module 8/Yoga as Medicine I.

Course includes

  • Tuition includes lodging, meals, and a linen package (add-on option for meals available for commuter students) and supplemental digital documents which will be made available via your cohort forum.
  • The forum includes digital course material containing approximately 350 photographic illustrations, foundational breath and postures for sequencing, guidelines to practice, manual cuing, therapeutic teaching, and organizational tools.

What to Bring

♦ Yoga mat

♦ 2 yoga blocks

♦ 2 yoga blankets (Mexican blankets work best). Do not bring cotton throws as they are irregularly sized and non-matching blankets.

♦ 1 yoga belt/strap. Quick release buckle preferred.

♦ Medical Therapeutic Yoga textbook


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