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Hip Labral Injury-Diagnosis and Management: Rochester, NY

May 21, 2016 - May 22, 2016


Ginger will be teaching her course on HLI (Extra-Articular Pelvic and Hip Labrum Injury: Differential Diagnosis and Integrative Management) in New York!


Acetabular labral tears are reported to be a major cause of hip dysfunction in young to middle-age patients and a primary precursor to hip osteoarthritis. The management of hip injuries in the athletic population “…has rapidly evolved over the past decade with our improved understanding of mechanical hip pathology.” (Lynch et al., 2013) Medical and rehabilitation differential diagnosis of the hip involves many options such as labral tear, femoroactebular impingement (FAI), hip capsular laxity/instability, chondral lesions, septic joint or loose body in the joint. New technology allows improved identification of tears and arthroscopic surgical repairs, yet time of injury to diagnosis is still often delayed, making long-term prognosis for hip preservation poor. The risks of arthroscopic surgery, which, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, are equal to complication rates of open hip surgeries (Arthroscopy, 2013), coupled with the lack of long term follow up studies for arthroscopic procedures, makes conservative therapy a valuable tool. This 2-day continuing education course presents a holistic methodology for the recommended trials of conservative therapy covered in current literature.

CEUs: 15

Ginger’s experience from both treating and experiencing this subject firsthand provides valuable insight in this subject matter. Learn more about her course here and register here.


Unity Health System
2655 Ridgeway Ave
Rochester, NY 14626 United States
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